Sunday, June 5, 2016

CL - 6/5/16 "(Self-Imposed) Pressure"

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What's with the pressure we put on ourselves? To "be:" 

Perfect. Skinny. Muscular. Smart. Silly. Funny. Flawless. Easy going. Less emotional. More emotional.  Curvy. Accomplished. Younger. Older. Different. The same. More this. More that. Less of this. Less of that. 

Wow. Exhausting.

In my recent book, in a chapter called "Omissions: The Beginning of the End,"  I wrote: "How can we shine if we are so busy pulling the light away from a very real part of ourselves?"

The more time and energy spent being something other than we are, "chasing the carrot" (see chapter "The Potential vs. The Person" for an explanation of this concept) so to speak, the less energy we have to experience our brilliance and feel life around us as it is happening.

We put an incredible amount of (unnecessary) pressure on ourselves, (and others because it's a direct reflection of how we feel inside) thereby leaving the present moment and hurrying into future worries and doubts and voids and holes.  Or sinking into the past, holding shame and regret and fear and lack. But, it does us no good to berate ourselves. To wish we were more. To want more or less in our lives so much that it drives us out of our seat of awareness and into an illusory world. Nothing can be gained from this form of self destruction.  It only limits us, dulls our light and keeps us very small.

Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Live your life, feeling all the senses: touch it, taste it, hear it, see it and smell it. Soak it all in and revel in the beauty of yourself and your life. The magnificence of it all.

Be here Now.

Awaken to your life.