Saturday, April 30, 2016

CL - 4/26/16 "One Day at a Time"

I was photographing my "inspipic" for the day when one of the notes practically threw itself onto the floor, out of the folder I store them in. I figured this was more than a coincidence.

The note said, "One day at a time." 

Ha. So simple. And just what I needed to hear. Just a moment earlier, I was using my thoughts to dream up what could be for the future. I was questioning the reason behind my life and the situations presenting themselves. I was wondering what was to come in the near future. I've trained myself not to participate in this for the most part but I was indeed letting my imagination play this time. And my fears. 

When we are worrying about the past or future, we are not present. We leave the Now, and enter the world of illusion. 

Worry is resistance. So not only are we missing out on the beauty in the moment, but we are using our energy to create more of what we don't want, to push away what we do want. 

This very simple reminder, one day at a time, is so powerful. Stay in the moment. Live fully in each moment. Package up worry and fear and rest it aside. Use that energy to enhance your experience in the Now. 

Allow yourself to be here. Now. And only Now. Because that's all there ever is. 


CL - 4/30/16 "Honeymooning"

It can be really difficult to see past what is. Even more difficult may be to shift our focus off of what is. We can get so stuck in our situations we have a hard time seeing out, seeing solutions or different circumstances. We can have difficulty seeing people differently. We often forget the beauty around us, all the miracles, as we get "stuck in the mud" so to speak. End up in a rut. Become overwhelmed. Bored. Feel helpless against challenges. Etc. 

We often forget we are held by the unseen. That we are not limited by what we perceive now. That we are magical creators. 

It's one thing to know information. It's another to execute and practice that which you "know" in theory. 

Using the honeymoon period of a relationship as an example, we are so focused upon what's good about our partner and the connection that we are overjoyed. It isn't until we shift our focus onto the unwanted that our experience changes. Arguments begin. And the color and tone changes dramatically on both ends. Remember, “The people in your life will always give you exactly what you expect. No exceptions.” (Esther Hicks, Abraham)

As humans, we forget how powerful we really are. We have amnesia and totally miss what's really happening right in front of us. As our story changes, and our beliefs about our thoughts, our experiences change. 

Continuing with the example I used, if we could go back to that mindframe of appreciation and discovery and excitement and love, we can rebirth and renew our relationships and our experiences. You were not blinded by love during the honeymoon phase. You were actually able to see.  You were allowing yourself to create and share a beautiful experience that was aligned and felt good. It wasnt until fear and the ego kicked in and you started to judge and create stories that something changed. Maybe you fell back into old patterns or self limiting beliefs.  Regardless of what occurred and was real for you, at the time, all that really changed was a shift in your perception and focus and language.

We have the ability in every moment to choose to focus on the good and to feel good and to create a honeymoon for ourselves and experience that in all areas of our life every day.

Pull your focus, not your love. 

Let this be a reminder for you today that you can shift your focus onto the "bright side" and experience that instead of focusing on what you feel is right in front of you or limiting you. 

Remember you are a magnet. Focus on the good. Feel good. Bring in more good. Repeat.  

Happy Saturday, friends. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

CL - 4/29/16 "Death"

I used to contemplate death often. The closest I ever came to a panic attack in my lifetime was one night when I questioned what it would feel like being in the moment of my death. My legs started to tingle and breathing became heavy. My stomach tickled with nausea and my chest felt like it weighed a ton as it labored up and down. 

Since having my daughters, I haven't driven myself crazy with the nuances of what death may look or feel like. But it's no surprise I used to often use the phrase, "tomorrow is never a promise. Live full today." I carried it with me all these years. 

We can still embody that principle without sending ourselves into fight or flight. We can live full today. Everyday. 

And what does that mean exactly? 

Very simply, living fully means being present in every moment. That's the best we can ever do. Experience each moment. Appreciate each moment. As though it's our first. Or last. Take full advantage of all the tastes, smells, feelings, sights and sounds. Slow down enough to savor it all. 

Complete mindfulness. Total gratitude. Unconditional love for all that is. And isn't. 

I encourage you. Be mindful. And...Live full today. Everyday. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

JK - 4/23


It's a been a theme in yoga classes and in my emotional sphere of awareness; to soften into changes.  To soften into poses.  To soften around what is.

What is...softness?  Like, when we ask "What is freedom?", there are qualities or attributes we use to identify and define things.  We categorize and classify them so we know how to identify them when they show up for us.  Because identity is pretty huge for human beings, at least right now.

So what is softness to me?  What is freedom to me?  I do not know who you are, so I can only speak for myself and hope some of what I feel resonates or aligns with you.  These are not generalizations, they are statements of my own experience.

Softness is gentle, calm and slow.  It is tender, forgiving and very humble.  It sees but does not glare, and it holds but does not grip.  It is space, content with being empty; not needing to be "full" of any thing.  It is the thing it is full of and therefore, authentic and content.

Freedom is the space and boundaries.  It is a state where limits are not constricting, and eternal universes of endless, beginningless possibilities are neither overwhelming or too much space can often be.  Freedom is not the absence of direction, but all direction and no direction.  It is the painting, and the canvas.  The painter is free to paint what he wishes, and accepts the painting has borders and exists within a set space.

Ponder this, whoever you are.  What does softness mean to you?  What does freedom mean, to you?

How soft is your freedom?  How free is your softness?  What qualities do you embody when you feel soft and free?  What pulls you out of that embodiment, consciously or unconsciously, and what centers you back, consciously or unconsciously?

Exploration.  It's what's in fashion here at the Free4Four!!!!, kindness, space, belief, hope, care, compassion, trust...

CL - 4/23/16 "Desire Overload"

Photo by NORDES on Behance
I spent part of the morning scrolling through Pinterest, falling in absolute love with "industrial rustic" design homes and European cottages.  I began to slip away into visions and dreams of expansive warehouse homes, remodeled to be absolutely perfect for my unique family, mixed with a secret garden-esque landscape and beach cottage feel.  Silver industrial vases laced with bouquets of white fragrant flowers.  A bathroom full of reclaimed wood, metal and a shower wall that says, "You look fine." (Yes, I saw this on Pinterest and find it absolutely fabulous as an affirmation and for fun) 

But, I didnt stop there.  After my two older girls left for the day to spend time with their Dad(s), I was nursing the baby, watching reality TV (I generally watch under an hour of TV a week).  I began to wander off into the "perfect" relationship and partnership, vacations, careers... I was excited but something began shifting.

Slowly, gradually, I began to get carried away with my thoughts and began to feel "lack." I wanted to jump into the future so I could have all these "things" and "situations" and for my life to look a different way than it does now.  

There is just so much variety.  So much to experience.  I think we often get caught up in what I call "desire overload." It's so hard to choose when we have so many options.  I think we experience this with every area of our lives, including choosing partners.  I think that maybe we jump ship too quickly, anticipating that there is much more variety out there to pick from.  We cherry pick.  We hop from one thing to the next, looking for the best.  We don't want to miss a thing! We feel torn between all the choices, and have a difficult time committing to just one something or accepting all that is, as it is.  We are rarely present, as we anticipate what's to come, how to change what is, get what we want, etc.   We trade in the beauty of the Now for the possiblities of the future.

I've been doing a ton of thought-work lately.  Taking full ownership of my experience(s) and catching myself as I begin to fall backwards.  Today was no different, and I realized this was just another chance to learn about myself. But more importantly, this was a chance to choose something different.  Normally, I would fall back into a depressed state, feeling like I was missing out on all these "things" and situations I wanted but didn't have.  I would become resentful or sad, feeling voids and feeling sorry for myself and my children. Maybe starting to feel shame, or taking ownership of others' experiences like my - err - boyfriend / baby Daddy (I dont really know what to call him and don't like those words but so be it for now). 

Anyway, today, I realized that something was different.  I was borderline sad, but also felt sort of appreciative.  Which was confusing for me.  It was then that I realized we are conditioned and programmed to have a "lack" mentality.  Always acting like donkeys chasing the carrot (I use this analogy and explain it in my book). I began to peel back the layers of lack that I was conditioned to feel, societal pressures, and underneath it was an overwhelming sense of joy, gratitude and love. I was shocked.  There is nothing missing in my life. And I am generally appreciative of all that is, as it is, right Now.  This was a very pleasant surprise.  Very grounding, and brought me back to the present moment.  I am grateful for what I get to experience, and when, where and how I do it. Yes, there is so much variety in life that we will never be able to (or want to) taste it all in our lifetimes.  But, the experiences we do have are profound and memorable and unique and to be cherished.  They're all ours.  And we can experience them fully in each moment. And we can appreciate it all if we so choose.

I came to learn that life is like a maze.  No matter which way you go, which turn you make, you end up at the same wall that boldly displays the same message: You get to choose. Everything is always up to you to decide.  How to experience life.  If youre going to be happy or sad or living lack or gratitude or what.  It's never what shows up externally. It's what comes up internally and what we decide to make of it.  Today was another glaring example for me of the power of our thoughts and mindset. And how it's all up to us. Always.  And in every moment, we get to choose, again. We are never stuck. Never hopeless. Life begins every second that passes!

I acknowledged today, that yes, I love variety and change. But I also love my life just how it is today, right Now. And I feel so blessed for the variety and contrast I get to live in my very unique situation (it's no surprise I like variety and change, if you take a look at my life and the dynamics of it, it's very obvious I'm not norm-seeking, conformist folk). 

(Shaking my head) 

Life is just so beautiful and chock-full of goodness. 

Go out today and enjoy your experience(s).  And remember: You (always) get to choose. Catch yourself when you begin to slip into lack, knowing that lack is just a perception and not a reality. As simply as you could make a case for lack, or not having enough, you can make a case for being full and having everything you need! You can have any perception you like that serves you. Including an attitude of gratitude and a sense of joy and love in everyday moments...and life. 

Make it a good one.

Friday, April 22, 2016

JK - 4/22

...and there is something spiritual in the commonest duties of life. 
The nations are not bodies-politic alone, but also souls-politic; and woe to that people which, seeking the material only, forgets that it has a soul. Then we have a race, petrified in dogma, which presupposes the absence of a soul and the presence only of memory and instinct, or demoralized by lucre. Such a nature can never lead civilization. 
Genuflexion before the idol or the dollar atrophies the muscle which walks and the will which moves. Hieratic or mercantile absorption diminishes the radiance of a people, lowers its horizon by lowering its level, and deprives it of that understanding of the universal aim, at the same time human and divine, which makes the missionary nations. 
A free people, forgetting that it has a soul to be cared for, devotes all its energies to its material advancement. If it makes war, it is to subserve its commercial interests. The citizens copy after the State, and regard wealth, pomp, and luxury as the great goods of life. Such a nation creates wealth rapidly, and distributes it badly. Thence the two extremes, of monstrous opulence and monstrous misery; all the enjoyment to a few, all the privations to the rest, that is to say, to the people; Privilege, Exception, Monopoly, Feudality, springing up from Labor itself: a false and dangerous situation, which, making Labor a blinded and chained Cyclops, in the mine, at the forge, in the workshop, at the loom, in the field, over poisonous fumes, in miasmatic cells, in unventilated factories, founds public power upon private misery, and plants the greatness of the State in the suffering of the individual. 
It is a greatness ill constituted, in which all the material elements are combined, and into which no moral element enters. If a people, like a star, has the right of eclipse, the light ought to return. 
The eclipse should not degenerate into night.
Albert Pike, (an excerpt from 'Morals and Dogma')

CL - 4/22/16 "What would I be without...?"

I am so very aware of the consequences of the culmination of energy and thought. And how the more powerful the emotion and thought and belief is, and therefore the energy going towards something, the more you invite in what you're expressing. 

As I am sure any parent can relate to, I was having "one of those" mornings. And I'm quite certain I created it by allowing my emotions and thoughts to slip away with my sleep. 

I "woke up," (this is in quotes because I wake up about 100x a night and this week or two in particular the babies seem to be going backwards and sleeping less) exhausted and overwhelmed, trying to get the two babies back to sleep. Unsuccessful, I took my toddler downstairs, followed by my first grader. Time check: 6 AM. I had this feeling like I better change my tune swiftly but I just couldn't do it. I hung my head low, falling into my exhaustion. And it began. 

"Mommy...." "I need this," and "I need that." "Help" with this. And that. Make breakfast. Nurse the baby. Clean up toys. Switch laundry. Dress up for school (of course it's a special occasion dress up day!). Find coordinating costume accessories in the playroom. Oops. That one broke. Find another. Pack lunch and snack. There was not a pause or silence for more than half a minute before the next child wanted something else. "Mommmmmmmy."

(Parents: You've been there, no? Countless times?) 

Feeling very much like a slave, I continued to slip into defeat. The next two and a half hours before the bus came were filled with chaos and more overwhelm: My landlord came out just ten seconds before I got the dogs in and so I had to wrangle two 80-pound-plus barking dogs into the house. They scared the baby who began screaming. Then I noticed she shit her diaper and it leaked all the way up to her neck. Yes. Her neck! I'm trying to clean her, the toddler is calling me and fighting with my first grader who is now asking for help finding costume accessories as she's dumping all the bins in the playroom on the floor and leaving a huge mess. I manage to sneak away for just long enough to pee and of course, I get my period!  

And so it went on this way, "nonstop" and crazy until this moment.  Time check: 9 AM. I did more than struggle to wrangle the dogs this morning. I battled it out with my thoughts, too. And more importantly, my beliefs about those things and the feelings it invoked. If you noticed, "nonstop" was in quotation marks.  When I came downstairs at 6 AM, I begrudgingly began talking to myself about how nonstop my life is and began leaving the present moment, thinking about the future "nonstop" things I had to tend to, as well, as the day continued.

Since I know better, and because I knew if I allowed myself to go down this slippery slope, it would not be long before I awoke the Vampires, too, totally not wanting to do that, as the bus came and things slowed a bit, I was able to rein in my mind and tame him just a bit.

Time check: 910 AM.  Things have quieted. The baby is napping. My toddler is resting on the couch.  We are eating Carrot Cake together. Of course the orange icing got all over my pants (which are overdue to be changed, anyway, and myself showered).  The difference? In this moment, I am shaking my head and laughing about it. 

You don't have to be a parent to relate to this type of day. Anyone can relate to things spiraling out of control, and all the moving parts that add to the flavor of the poisonous pot!

We have to be so careful of our language, our usage of it and our beliefs about our thoughts.  We attract what we focus on whether its wanted or not. The little voice warned me to check myself this morning. But I decided to dance with my demons instead.  And the result was a whole lot of crazy shit to reinforce my belief that life is hectic and nonstop. 

Just now, the dogs saw my landlord, again.  This morning they ran quite a few loops up and down the deck and throughout the yard before I got them in the house.  Just now, in a better frame of mind, I whistled. They came up onto the deck. I pointed in the house, and they went in.  So smooth.  So different than how it went when my mindframe was in an uhealthy and negative place.  

So, how was I able to stop the cycle and momentum before it became like Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? I thought about how blessed I am.  "Blessed? During that crazy morning of nonstop, chaos?"  Yes. Blessed.

I asked myself, "What would I be without...(fill in the blank)?"

What would I be without my kids that drive me crazy and make messes and whine and cry a lot and keep me so busy I don't have time to shower regularly or sleep? I would be clean, for sure. And also very empty.  My life would be quiet. Which I enjoy. But, I enjoy the "nonstop" loud chaos more because it represents to me a full house of love. So much love. And being alive. So very much alive. My house is full of life and love at all times.

You don't have to be a parent to relate. Ask yourself, what would you be without your pesky employer? Maybe homeless, or not able to buy your fancy shoes you just wore out last weekend.  That's right, honey, you won't be going out anymore either without a job.  Unless your parents are giving you money.  In which case, if they annoy you, what would you be without them? Certainly without a load of love and that money they're giving you to live your life and buy fancy shoes and the money to go out with so you can wear them! 

What would you be without your nuisances? I bet you can find a way to feel grateful for them instead.  For how they enhance your life and the privileges they bestow upon you.

Sure, an alarm clock at 6 AM is super annoying. But without the gift of time, what would you be? Who would you be? Where would you be without an alarm clock? What if you didn't have a room to put an alarm clock in? What if you had nowhere to go and no one to see? 

You are very blessed. As am I.

The crazy days are an indicator to check our thoughts and our beliefs about them.  To shift our perception onto what we want, not what we don't want. The immediate results are astounding. Imagine what the longterm benefits are.... <<<dreaming of them...mmmm>>>.

What we consider to be annoying or aggravating is simply our life expressing contrast. It means nothing until we believe it means something. In which case, we determine how our day is going to play out (or week, or month, or year or life). 

Time check: 10 AM.  And all is well.  Blessed be. 

TGIF, friends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

JK - 4/19

Regularly scheduled maintenance.

I own a car, and cars must be taken care of.  They need love and attention.  Sure, you can drive a car and do nothing for it, and one day when you need it most the car will "suddenly" start making weird noises or shuddering and blumbering.

Sitting on the side of the road with your head in your hands, you say to yourself, "Next time I'll be better at taking care of things I own."

Just like you said the last time something bad happened.

When my car starts making a strange noise, I have two choices: It's just a noise and there is nothing to worry about, or something may be wrong and I should have a closer look, just to make sure.  If you are anything like me you don't want to take your car in for service every time you hear a noise or feel a rumble or wobble, but if we had the means; the time and the money, wouldn't we always have our cars maintained, no matter what?

OF COURSE we would, and it's the same thing with our bodies.

We have bodies, and those bodies need maintenance.  They need rest, good clean foods, lots of water and perhaps the most overlooked detail is a regular affirmative dialogue.  Without these things, it's easy to perpetuate the habit of overlooking something we want to believe is small and insignificant until it grows into an out-of-control problem.

We often feel physical discomforts in the form of little pains or subtle sensations, signaling something is out of alignment, or not quite right.  Usually, the feeling is just tension or tightness from holding ourselves in poor posture or sitting too long in a bad chair; staring down at the phone or computer, standing too long in shoes with poor support, etc.

Like vehicle maintenance, we have a choice with our bodies:

Do I just keep going and ignore the sensation, or can I take a few moments and look deeper to examine the nature of the sensation?  

Unlike vehicle maintenance, we don't need to take our body to a doctor (the human dealership) every time we feel discomfort.  Most of the aches and pains we feel can be confronted and better understood by following a few simple steps:

1.  What do you feel and where?
2.  How long have you been feeling what you feel?  A minute, a day, a week?
3.  What do you notice activates the feeling or sensation you are experiencing?  What softens or alleviates the sensation, if it can be softened?

This last step is probably the most important, and can take a bit more time and focused effort:

4.  Close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and look inward (meaning connect with your muscles, bones, your nerves and your emotions).  Then ask yourself, what is the root cause or core issue?  Look plainly and without judgement for the choices you have made that got you to feeling the way you do.

This can be an emotionally painful process.  It's never fun to admit when you are wrong about something or could have made a better choice, but thankfully the simple realization of this can point you in the direction of a different choice you can make.

If your back hurts every time you stand up from your favorite old chair, maybe it's time for a chair upgrade.  If your stomach hurts every time you eat tomatoes, perhaps lessen the amount of pasta sauce and pizza you are eating.

With people, this is a bit more challenging.  You may discover the pain in your chest occurs every time you are around a certain person, or every time you think of a particular situation going on in your life.  In that case, you must be extra gentle and super sensitive to every nuance of the dynamic.  The checklist still applies to your emotions, and often times creating a journal or a running tab of what you notice and when/why, can really help put things in perspective over time.

No matter what you feel, physically or emotionally, the solution or insight you seek may take a while to discover - and that's okay.  It's totally normal not to have an answer for how you feel.  Things like that take time and patience and compassion, so don't add the stress of "needing an answer" onto your discomfort.  Take your time, move slow and continue your inward journey until the answer you feel is most true appears in your awareness.

This way, you move and act from a place of certainty and stability rather than rushing to simply cover or escape what you do not understand.  This is where the regular affirmative dialogue comes into play.

Tell yourself often that you DO deserve love and attention, at least from yourself even if you don't always feel it from others.  You ARE worthy of regularly scheduled physical and emotional maintenance.  Take a hot bath, grab your mat and go to yoga or go for a long walk with your dog or partner on the beach.  Do something great for yourself every day and allow yourself to feel good about it.  Say thank you for the things you have and stop dwelling on the things you lack.  Tell yourself that you matter, and you are here for a reason.

Focus on your strengths and the attributes you have worked hard to embody and achieve.  The elements of an affirmative dialogue are asking questions that are easy to say "Yes" to, and help yourself feel bigger, stronger and worth the attention your body and mind are asking for.

Hopefully this blog reaches you in exactly the right time, and encourages you to take action and look deeper.  Let us know if you have any questions.  We are here to help and nothing is too small.

Thank you VW dealership.  Thank you Body.  Thank you Consciousness.  Thank you Internet!!!  :-)

Monday, April 18, 2016

JK - 4/18/16

Sometimes I feel really selfish.  Just now, for example, I opened my computer to do some writing which I haven't had time for in a few days.  As I do so, someone walks in and wants to talk to me and tell me about themselves and what is going on for them.  A feeling similar to that of being robbed or tied up comes through my stomach in a wave.  I instantly navigate the frustrated self in silence, listening politely but all the while only waiting for them to leave.  And really, I don't want them to JUST leave...I want them to know it's not a good time and kindly leave me in peace.

I'm learning what a challenge it is for people to be sensitive.  How this thing I have been my whole life and could never turn OFF, others are practically unable to turn ON.  It's not that they don't care and it's certainly not that they are aiming to limit or restrict me or you in any way.  That's just a story brought up by my own feelings.  The truth is, people are trying so hard.  But I always use the analogy of lifting weights when I explain to people the dangers of trying too hard:

Let's say you have a goal to get in shape.  You begin going to the gym a few hours a day.  You use free weights, you use machines, you take classes, etc.  While the goal is good and the system you have in place for achieving the goal is sound, if you don't know how to properly lift weights, you may be working very hard just to get injured!  Or, time will go by and instead of getting injured you simply don't see any results because you know nothing about how to work muscle groups and how the system of more reps-less weight/less reps-more weight works over time.

Of course, it's totally possible to figure all this out intuitively but that's part of my point here too.  Many people think they are being sensitive but they aren't.  Many people think they "intuitively" understand how people and things work, but they don't.  They only know their story.

Without the technique of understanding, accepting and THEN separating from your personal story, you'll never be able to truly hear and feel what another person needs.  Why isn't that the topic of presidential debate?  Why isn't that on the front page of every newspaper?  Probably because they all rely on the story to hook your attention.  They know how much you love the story, the excitement and the drama, but don't be fooled by their techniques.  You must develop your own mind techniques to shelter your consciousness from all the crap people spray it with.

Meditation studies help with this, and I can also recommend the book "Mind Programming" by Eldon Taylor, to help you get more familiar with the recent history of symbols and subliminal messages.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

CL - 4/17/16 "What Would Love Do?"

I invite you to stop frequently throughout the day today and question: What would Love do? Question your intentions, listen for the whispers of your Heart and Soul. Pause long enough to hear the silence as it speaks to you.

Angry at someone? Ask yourself, what would Love do? How would you act if you were acting purely out of Love and not fear or ego? Would you still be angry? Use this technique to uncover your real feelings and core issues that lie deep beneath the surface anger.

Frustrated with your life or a current situation? Ask yourself, what would Love do? If you were to view this circumstance with eyes of Love and pure light energy, would you see it differently? Is there a way to find opportunity in this challenge presenting itself? Life happens for you, not to you. Everything is a mirror, showing you ways you can grow and learn more about yourself. Is there a way you can find appreciation for your circumstance, rather than create more tension around it? Remember, your thoughts and beliefs become your tomorrow.

Feeling insecure or not worthy? Ask yourself, what would Love do? How does God see you? How does your Inner Being, your Higher Divine Being see you? If you were to see yourself in this way, you would just fall in absolute love with all that you are (and aren’t). Even your “flaws” are perfectly suited for your life’s mission(s) and purpose. You are a masterpiece, crafted in pure Loving energy. The non-physical part of you just adores your “human.” You’re quite a character, you know? Really. You’re fabulous. Start believing it.

Don’t have a Love life? Think again. Be your own "Someone Special", first and foremost. Give yourself the Love and attention you crave. Teach others how to treat you by how well you treat yourself. Then, extend that love out into the world through Kindness and Compassion.

Today (and everyday), try to appreciate all the Love that there is in your life, no matter how that looks: kids, friends, family, loved ones, spouses or significant others, animals, businesses, hobbies, passions… the list is endless. Love takes so many different forms. If we look close enough, we will see so many examples of how much Love we have right Now. And don’t forget to take time to treat someone special (YOU) to some extra TLC. The world will be a brighter place: the better you feel, the bigger your shine. The bigger your shine, the greater positive impact you have on the whole of humanity. We all need you to continually ask yourself, what would Love do?

Friday, April 15, 2016

CL - 4/15/16 "Planting Seeds"

Do you feel it? The struggle to stay afloat. To stay smiling. To stay hopeful. 

While we may "know" that our experience is in our total control, (though some prefer to stay unaware of this and for obvious reasons) it can be difficult to take full ownership of every moment, especially when faced with one of our trigger buttons. It's easy to cave. To give into patterns and stories and conditioned responses. To our programmed self-limiting beliefs. 

But, before you give in, wait for just one more moment!

You cannot abandon your seeds and expect flowers to bloom.

It takes time, patience and nurturing for seeds to grow.  Planting the seed is just the first step.  Walking away, abandoning your seed, leaves your plant no chance at sustainable life. 

Planting seeds is only a tiny fraction of the growing process! 
And useless if you don't continue to care for them.

Watch your plant (life) blossom:
  1. Plant your seed.
  2. Give it time and practice gentleness, patience. 
  3. Keep a good attitude.
  4. Water and nourish your plant continually, and as needed.
  5. Open yourself to receive, remove resistance and allow the Universe to work its magic.
One of the most important parts of the growing process is to NOT get discouraged right before the plant blooms. When do we normally turn our back? About one second too soon! And we push away the good, rejecting the blossoming right as it's about to happen. 

In coaching, we are taught to hold space for our clients.  We are told to pause and hold silence for a few seconds longer than feels comfortable. That is when the magic happens: in those few extra seconds of discomfort.  Discomfort allows us to stretch to find new comfort (expansion). In the silence, clients process their emotions, reflect and have beautiful ah-ha moments.  

This is no different.  The magic manifests in those moments when you hold out just a tad longer than feels comfortable.  Right before you give up, hang tight.  Hold the space.  It is holding onto the belief that will allow the blossoming, the unfolding, the new to come. 

Hold the space for your seed to blossom. Just a few extra moments.  And revel in your beautiful garden.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

CL - 4/14/16 "We are Always Safe"

We are always held by the divine, wrapped like a blanket and held tight with love.

Our fears may appear insurmountable, and we may feel unsafe. But, our Freedom lies in the recognition that we are always protected. Always safe. Always just one choice away from being liberated by shifts in perception. 

Fear is an illusion. Only love is real. 

Notice the recurring theme: Freedom is created by our choice to shift our focus off "what is" or what is unwanted, to what is wanted and uplifting. Continual practice leads to alignment and joy and peace. Based on the basic Laws of the Universe, more "wants" manifest and our lives becomes improved. Our thoughts become solid form. They become our life. Happy thoughts invite happy things to come to us. And we can choose happy thoughts in every new moment. Right Now. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CL - 4/13/16 "Perfection"


We seek it. From ourselves. In others. 
We chase it. 
We run from it. 
But...We are it. 

Absolutely, totally whole and Perfectly imperfect in each fabulous, perfect moment. Now. 

All there is. 

Or it wouldn't be. 

JK - 4/13/16

Every person is free.  It is an illusion to believe anything else.

It is a lie inherently borne into the structure of social conditioning: that sameness is safety and difference is conflict.  That is true in many cases, but only until a person realizes they have the power to choose, AT ALL TIMES.

If a person doesn't like their circumstance and they believe they have no choice but to accept it, they are ignoring the obvious choice:

Death.  We can choose to end our life, and because we have that awareness and that power, there is always a choice.

The opposite of death is life.  If we can choose to die we can choose to live, and if we can choose how we die than we can also choose how we live.  We condition ourselves and each other to feel stuck or trapped in what we have always been.

It is our thoughts that need shifting.  How we think determines how we feel, and studies have proven this time and again.  You can sit right now in a safe room, far from any threat or danger, and if you close your eyes and picture what you consider to be a dangerous threat in the room with you, your body will believe it and your biological system will react.  Elevated heart rate, sweating, physical tension and emotional anxiety.  All because you imagined something that isn't really there, and you know for a fact it isn't there!  But you chose to believe it, and that made it real for you.

Crazy, huh?

So today, take a look at your choices and your beliefs by seeing what is actually there in front of you, physically, and search for the story you tell about it.   Do you believe what you see?  Do you feel safe at home or in your car, or with family and friends?  How can you shift the storyline in your head or ask questions to learn more about what you see and observe to find out if your story is true or not?

We are here to help.  If you have questions that you aren't ready to ask the people you know because you feel they may not understand or you just aren't comfortable yet, you can ask us.  We care about you knowing you are free and feeling empowered by your freedom to make the choices you truly want to make.

To live the life you were born to live.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CL - 4/12/16 "Your Inner Child"

Honor that sacred space within you that yearns for love, acceptance and nurturing.

Your inner child is beside you every step you take. She is innocent and pure. 

Allow her to journey with you. 

You can learn a lot from each other.

Monday, April 11, 2016

CL - 4/11/16 "Step Into Your Bigness"

Hello, Fellow F-Bombers,

(F for Freedom, that is)

Contemplation for today: Step into your bigness, fearlessly.

Why do we shy away from expanding into the biggest version of ourselves?
Why are we self-conscious?
What are we so afraid of?
Why don't we just take the leap of faith and trust in the divine safety blanket we wear?

Take one baby step today towards realizing your true Self and authenticity. Be courageous, loves. 

We are all here for you. 

JK - 4/11/16

Monday.  Something feels different.  

I did ceremony this weekend with some close friends, and some not so close friends.  We took LSD (only a little bit, but it was enough) and played drums all night.  The close friends stayed quiet, and yes; they got carried into some of what I call 'the typical drug persona': doing strange things so everyone can see them feeling strange.  Seeking attention.  At least, that's how it felt/feels to me when people act in that way.

As for me, I was quiet.  [Yes, let me speak for myself.]  Though my drum was at times very loud.  My favorite moments were when I would hum the 'Oh' vowel and find the frequency of the drum I was playing.  When I matched perfectly with it (which happened and then faded and then happened and then faded) it felt as though the whole room was vibration in that frequency and amplified into a unison.  

The two drums I was playing were a small darbuka and a larger djembe.  Both have holes in the bottom with long, cylindrical bodies that narrow about 3/4 of the way up to the top, and then expand outwards to become the size of the actual drum head.  I got the idea to flip the darbuka and use it as a simulated megaphone to ask someone who was talking too much to talk less.  Then I started laughing because I was really enjoying the sound.  When I tried humming the 'Oh' vowel from underneath the drum, the head began to resonate when I found it's frequency and then the whole shell began to vibrate.

I didn't ask for feedback from the group to see if they were feeling this shift.  I just went to the djembe and flipped it over and found it's fundamental frequency with an 'Oh' sound, and that was a whole other experience.  The pitch was significantly lower so it was a bit more challenging to sustain the low tone with my voice (thank you vocal training!), but also the body of the darbuka was metal and the djembe was wood, so the djembe vibration seemed fuller and richer.  The metal bounced the note around the cylinder and the air from my voice activated the drum head, while the body of the djembe seemed to FEEL the note I played and both the body AND the drum skin picked up the vibration.  

If you ever go into a music store and you see they have a djembe or hand drum of any kind with the hole in the bottom, make sure the drum is in tune and then flip it over and place the hole right on your face, like a mask.  Then hum an 'Oh' sound and vary the pitch in your voice until you find the note the drum is tuned to.  You can gve the drum a gentle tap with your middle finger, right in the center, to hear the note and then practice unifying it with the voice.  It's quite pleasing.

I feel rested today.  Healed from the ceremony and the offering of time and space to the ancient ones.  Things like that don't happen often, so when they do I use my time and my energy wisely.  I meditated a lot after the drumming and sound activation was complete.  I shared silent space with my close friend and felt his gratitude for the spiritual existence, cased in skin and bone.  The experience that is us and everyone else.  

After about 2 1/2 hours of deep breathing and emotional reflection, I drove back home and snuggled with my lady for a bit, then we went to yoga, where I sat in meditation the whole 75 minutes.  My goal lately is to begin extending my sit times beyond the one hour mark.  I find my body releases so much tension when I pass that threshold; maybe because I have conditioned myself to feel when the hour is approaching and, in a way, I become eager to get up or accomplish the mission of sitting for one hour, and my bones and muscles begin to ache and my mind goes a little haywire.

Yesterday though, when I felt myself pass the one hour point I made a micro adjustment in my posture and felt my entire system slow down and sink down.  The last 15 minutes were so pleasant, even though the 20 minutes leading up to it I was sweating profusely in my sweatshirt and feeling immense anxiety and tension from physical discomfort.  One day I hope to be able to sit through anything and feel at peace, even my worst nightmares.  

Practice makes better, that's what my drum teacher used to say.  Practice, practice, practice... 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

CL - 4/10/16 "Do Something New"

What was once conquered, again, needs attention and focus.

We often find ourselves in a circular pattern, unable to climb out towards a new route or straight path. We ask, how did I end up here again? 

We cannot come to a new path or different outcome, if we participate in the same behaviors, thinking and patterns that got us there in the first place. 

Do something new. 


And trust. And believe. 

Be patient. 

The seeds you plant today need time and nurturing to blossom. 

Be still. 

Life is working for you. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

CL - 4/9/16 "Welcome Home..."

What can I say that wasn't already so beautifully said in the last post by Josh?

I love being happy.  It's the best. But it's sometimes a struggle to hang onto that pure joy and feelings of unconditional love. Triggers are around every corner. Sometimes in your own backyard. Or even in your own bed. Prodding the ego, coaxing him to play. 

Happiness, to me, is finding and experiencing the Ultimate Freedom: not getting triggered and remaining peace and love and joy in each moment. Acceptance of all that is. Unwavering faith and trust. Total transparency in expression of Self and authenticity. 

Total deliciousness. 

And I'm going for it. 

Right here. Right now. 

JK - 4/9/16

Here I am.  Here we are.  

It feels different, knowing you can see me now.  See US now.  It may take some getting used to, but here anyways, that's my problem not yours.  

And it's not even a problem!  

What is it?  

Something I notice.

Where we begin...

Camille and I decide to create a secret online journal.  We both have access at anytime, and we can write about anything and everything.  No boundaries, no censorship, no rules except freedom.

Be free to be ourselves, no exceptions.  We called it 'Project Freedom'.  

[I stole the name from this guy Drew who I used to be in a band with (back in the day) called 'Edipus'.  In retrospect, a horrid name.]

This is the next step in that process.  Two people who trust each other entirely, yet are not romantically involved, or even in physical contact because we live far from one another and have radically different schedules...except in text!!  LOL  ...are taking their dialogue about freedom and their search for total spiritual ascension and self mastery through the use of real, raw, honest and pure conversation, to a public space.  

With ourselves and with each other, and in idealogy (i just made that word up), everyone else we know.

Some people I know can and do engage in the dialogue process of ascension, while others feel content to dwell in the illusory impermanent state of personality and conditioning and avoid or dismiss the conversation.  Like my mom.  Sometimes I wish she would leave more room to be affected by things.  

But that's my ego, not her Self.  Everything I project on someone else is only what I can recognize and despise or embrace in myself.  It's so difficult, and this is a strange paradox, to take anything personally others say when I know anything I would say or feel about them is really only about me.  Think about it...

Wow - I'm talking to the world, like an old time radio dj.  Or a newspaper column writer.  I didn't grow up in a time where reading the paper was the funnest option on Saturday morning, so I never really did it.  Going to synagogue wasn't the funnest option either, so I didn't do that much either.

I needed something as I got older, to fill the gap of not feeling connected to a higher purpose.  And not even that really...I FELT CONNECTED to something higher, something greater than myself, for so long.  I think the moment I picked up drumsticks I knew I was connected.  The moment I SAW drumsticks, I was my mind!  Yoga, meditation, poetry, music and music and more music and more meditation and travel, combined with leaving the place I grew up to live three thousand miles away, for nearly 8 years, brought me to an understanding:

I must be honest about my life.  Maybe not with the whole world, but at least with myself.  If I engage in relationships of ANY kind, I must be honest within those parameters so the person I am relating to has a fair chance at 

1) learning how honest communication feels, if they haven't already, 
2) making a more authentic judgement of our evolving circumstances so they can respond to what is real, not what they are left to question, doubt or assume.  

How can someone know how to treat me if the do not really know me?  And why can someone, anyone, not know me?  

If I choose for them not to see parts of me I deem unsafe, unlovable, unacceptable, and then conceal in some way from others by not being fully honest.  But I stopped doing that with Camille.  She has seen everything.  More than even my own family and closest friends, and because I have been seen by one, fully, I feel loved.  Because I feel loved, I feel safe.  Because I feel safe, I take risks knowing that it will all be alright.  It's all love.  Masculine and feminine are part of the same circuit that sends and receives information from The Source and we must channel both properly in order to transmit the clearest, purest, most honest representation of our unique and divine signal.  SO COOL, RIGHT!!??

Right now, I think that is where we are at.  It's the best we can do.  We can't end war, we can't create food/water/shelter for every human on the planet just yet...but we can be honest with ourselves and AT LEAST one other person.  

We can choose to tell the truth about what we feel, in the moment.  To feel anger, as a man or a woman, is normal.  To emote anger physically onto one's self or another is traumatic and harmful.  Especially when the anger is only the symptom of the deeper need we all have, which is openness and freedom.  The same goes for the entire spectrum of what are called 'negative emotions'.  The whole lack, or what we call lack (which was, ironically, the theme of our first year of PF) of acceptance for the feminine in modern culture is a mirror of our forgetting to know the true nature of the negative.  

It is CONNECTED to positive at the opposite end of a spectrum called Oneness.  ONE spectrum, ONE connection between two points.  It is the space, the link, the connective tissue that moves information through the energoskeleton of our Self.  [I just made that word up too.  Fuck it.]  

NOTE TO SELF: Swear less and talk softer.  

It all comes back to freedom.  To what is truly there.  

That's a short glimpse at why I am here.  How WE are here.  The point (if you have gotten this far) is to share shorter blurbs and blips of our thoughts on ascension and relationship to self and other, as well as conversation excerpts, ideas we pick up from the collective consciousness (if you wanna call it anything besides The Oneness of humanity)...

Wow.  Rambling?  LOL

Anyways, stay tuned.  If you have questions, ask.  I'm here to connect.  We are here to connect.