Friday, April 29, 2016

CL - 4/29/16 "Death"

I used to contemplate death often. The closest I ever came to a panic attack in my lifetime was one night when I questioned what it would feel like being in the moment of my death. My legs started to tingle and breathing became heavy. My stomach tickled with nausea and my chest felt like it weighed a ton as it labored up and down. 

Since having my daughters, I haven't driven myself crazy with the nuances of what death may look or feel like. But it's no surprise I used to often use the phrase, "tomorrow is never a promise. Live full today." I carried it with me all these years. 

We can still embody that principle without sending ourselves into fight or flight. We can live full today. Everyday. 

And what does that mean exactly? 

Very simply, living fully means being present in every moment. That's the best we can ever do. Experience each moment. Appreciate each moment. As though it's our first. Or last. Take full advantage of all the tastes, smells, feelings, sights and sounds. Slow down enough to savor it all. 

Complete mindfulness. Total gratitude. Unconditional love for all that is. And isn't. 

I encourage you. Be mindful. And...Live full today. Everyday. 

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